A lot of people on this tour have been asking me about 'NOT DEAD YET'. There have been so many people wearing the patches on this tour, too. That means the universe to me.
It comes from a line in an old song of ours called Make A Killing, but it has stuck with me and means a lot more to me than that. The Hospital Party is a cross-section of my mind and a very open and honest diary of sorts covering a period when my mental health was brought into question. I wrote these songs because I wanted to not only express myself and create something honest, but also because I wanted to put something into the world that I didn't have at that time. A sense of empathy and togetherness. I felt alone and terrified. I wrote these lyrics and designed these jackets because I wanted to remind people that no matter how hard the slog, how much it rains in your head, how on fire and invisible you feel - that will change and the sun will come up. The storm will end. Find motivation in your existence. You are not as alone as you think you are. Talk. Live. Love. 

Let's make a change. 

xo 📷 - @donnaphonic #assirensfall #uktour #notdeadyet #williamcontrol

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