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Why do people make art?


'without music, life would be a mistake.' - Nietzsche

'one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.' - Bob Marley
There's so many art forms out there. Many would argue that everything in existence constitutes art, through perceived beauty. You can romanticise even a social construction, a relationship or (as it tends to be) the end of one into an art form. 

What is art? Why do we make it? We're the only living thing on planet Earth that consciously makes it. It's about expression, everyone knows that. We make art to physically or audibly or however we create, we make that art in order to perceive that expression in a sense-able form. I want to hear how sad I am. I want to look at how angry I am with my government. I want people to read it. I want to create something that resembles and embodies that feeling that I'm trying to express. You want others to understand why you've made what you've made and open their eyes to your viewpoint, you want people to feel empathy with your reasoning behind your art. That's what it's about, really.

I can't for the life of me remember who said it, but I was listening to the radio a good year ago now, and there was this guy being interviewed about this song he'd written. The DJ asked him why he'd written such a 'depressing' piece of music. The musician responded with 'because it is depression. I want people who listen to that song to feel as despondent as I did when I was writing it.' He went on to talk about togetherness in sadness and depression, and went deeper into his reasoning for writing the song. Wish I could remember who it was. It was an awesome tune. 

I started making music as a young teen. My Dad got me a guitar when I was about 11 and from then on I was infected. There hasn't been a second in time since that I haven't been in a band, playing whatever instrument I could. Apart from drums. I suck at drums. All that mattered was that I was in a band. Chasing the buzz you get when you create something out of nothing. 

I make music because it's an outlet, but also a fuel for me. Being on a creative roll with something, anything, gets me out of bed at 6AM and working on it until 4AM the next day. While I know that isn't healthy, I can't stop myself. It's also a vent for me. It's how I express what I'm feeling. I often find it considerably easier to make rhyming metaphors about the way I'm thinking rather than actually put those emotions into legible words. 

Being in this band and the hard work that we have put in up to now means that I am able to do this. We're working on our next project as I type, and we're taking the time it needs for it to be as special as we know it can be. I can't tell you how excited I am.


asf XO



To each and every person who has listened to our music, watched our videos, shared our band with a friend, booked us, worked as part of our team, or was just nice to us.

2016 has been an incredibly challenging year for us. But also more rewarding than we could ever imagine. As cliché as it sounds, throughout the ups and downs, the driving force behind this band has always been you. The incredible turn out at the December shows with you singing along to every single word was a prime example and made for a magnificent end to the year.

2016 brought more success than we could imagine - Download FestivalBingley Music Live main stage, Kerrang! TV, appearing in Rock Sound and a bunch of our other favourite magazines, the list goes on.

This is just the beginning. We can confirm that we will be back in the studio on the 2nd of January. No messing around. Something new is coming.

Our first show of 2017 sees us returning to where 2016 started. 

The Leeds O2 academy. 
Saturday 21st January 2017

Happy New Year, and thank you once again for your continued support. You are incredible!

All our love,
asf Xo #assirensfall #thehospitalparty #asf2016#notdeadyet

📷 -Donna Coombs Photography



We're killing off 2016 in style with our buddies in Ashestoangels. We're heading out with them on a run of shows this festive period - and then we're coming back home! It's been a little while, let's make these shows ones to remember! 

Bristol - 15th December - Louisiana Tickets:

London - 17th December - The Garage Tickets:

Keighley - 18th December - The Exchange Tickets:

Tickets for these shows are already flying out. Don't miss out. See you all soon!

ASF xox



In a world full of love songs and songs all about heartbreak, there's a significant lacking of a third branch to romance-based music. That is, there's a lot of love songs, but there really aren't many out there about falling out of love with someone. I considered all of the emotions that go along with that, from my own experience, including the notion that sometimes you never really do fall out of love - if you were truly in love. Guilt, sadness, confusion, loss, a whole heartbreak of your own. Trying to force yourself to feel the way you did before whatever happened happened, and feeling the absolute, purest sadness of heartbreak because you're going to have to hurt a person that you care so much about. 

I've always been all about songs with concepts, that have stories and characters. It's why I love David Bowie, Pink Floyd and My Chemical Romance so much. (Bright Eyes as well. Listen to Bright Eyes.) Where You Are fits into that because of the fictional context in which it is set. It's founded on the bitter idea that love is a lethal disease, and that the only cure in existence is the reciprocation of your feelings from whomever it is your feelings are for. That is, if that person doesn't fall in love with you too, you're dead. That's a pretty dark, dare-I-say cool song concept. But how much more twisted would it be if I took that and flipped it on its head again, making the song written from the point of view of the person that can't, no matter how hard they try, fall in love back? You care deeply about this person, but simply can't find it in your heart to truly love them. You're killing someone with your feelings, and you really can't control that. There's true sadness in that. 

There is an argument for the notion that I could be suggesting, with this song, that not being able to be with me is a lethal disease. It's not. I'm not that arrogant. It's simply a song about falling out love with someone who hasn't fallen out of love at the same time. I wanted to highlight the tragedy in that. 

I've been hit by both edges of the relationship ending blade, being the ender, or indeed the ended, and it's something that, for me, has always been an important part of my life. I always change after a relationship ends. I'm yet to have a romantic altercation that doesn't end in relative disaster, but I'm not bitter about that at all. I just wanted to write a song that I don't think many people have heard yet. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song. And remember that everything is open to interpretation. Take my words and do what you will with them. Apply meaning, go nuts. Art is all about perception and your own response. So respond.

Mikey xox


A lot of people on this tour have been asking me about 'NOT DEAD YET'. There have been so many people wearing the patches on this tour, too. That means the universe to me.
It comes from a line in an old song of ours called Make A Killing, but it has stuck with me and means a lot more to me than that. The Hospital Party is a cross-section of my mind and a very open and honest diary of sorts covering a period when my mental health was brought into question. I wrote these songs because I wanted to not only express myself and create something honest, but also because I wanted to put something into the world that I didn't have at that time. A sense of empathy and togetherness. I felt alone and terrified. I wrote these lyrics and designed these jackets because I wanted to remind people that no matter how hard the slog, how much it rains in your head, how on fire and invisible you feel - that will change and the sun will come up. The storm will end. Find motivation in your existence. You are not as alone as you think you are. Talk. Live. Love. 

Let's make a change. 

xo 📷 - @donnaphonic #assirensfall #uktour #notdeadyet #williamcontrol


Oh, what a lovely tour. Thankyou so much to our brothers in Elements. and The Rooz for making this last week so unbelievably awesome. We love you all and we love every single member of the ASF family who came out to a show and danced with us, supported us by buying some merch and listened to our noise. We can't wait to do it all again.
asf xox

Photo courtesy of Donna Coombs Photography

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